Clients & Transactions

A successful M&A transaction is a detailed, complex and rigorous process that requires extensive preparation and planning.

Agile has completed over 245 domestic and cross-border M&A transactions.

2DialogueAcquired by PursuantSaaS Enterprise SoftwareTexas
Adjungo SoftwareAcquired by Flash NetworksSaaS Enterprise SoftwareIsrael
Adventurous TravelerAcquired by Away.comIT ServicesVermont
AkibiaZensar TechnologiesIT ServicesMassachusetts
AlphanumericaAcquired by CollabNetSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Applied Technology CorporationAcquired by TD FederalIT ServicesVirginia
Arel CommunicationsAcquired by Poalim InvestmentsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareIsrael
AuthentidateDivestiture of docStar, Inc.SaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew Jersey
Bio-Behavioral ManagementAcquired by New Endurance CapitalHealthcare ServicesNew York
BigFoot InteractiveAcquired by Hudson VenturesIT ServicesNew York
BlueChip PLCAcquired by Service Express Inc. (SEI)IT ServicesLondon, UK
Broad StreetAcquired by Incepta PlcIT ServicesNew York
BytegridAcquired by Lincoln RackhouseIT Services Maryland
Call SciencesAcquired by J2Global Inc.SaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
CCSI NetAcquired by QSGIIT ServicesNew Jersey
CentricsITAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesGeorgia
CHE ConsultingAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesMissouri
City FeetAcquired by LoopNetSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Clearpath Solutions GroupAcquired by CDIIT Services New York
Computer - Computer, LtdAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesLondon, UK
Computer Data SourceAcquires BL Trading & NavineerIT ServicesNew Jersey
Computer Data SourceAcquired by New State CapitalIT ServicesNew Jersey
ConcentrixAcquired by SynnexIT ServicesNew York
DADA.NetAcquired Buongiorno SPAIT ServicesItaly
eCopyAcquired by Nuance CommunicationsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew Hampshire
EvernexAcquired EmconITIT ServicesNew Jersey
Direct OneAcquired by M&C Saatchi, PLCSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Dolphin SoftwareAcquired by IHS, Inc.SaaS EnterpriseColorado
Ekahau, Inc.Acquired by J2 GlobalSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNorway
Exquip Network Services Ltd.Acquired by SMS MaintenanceIT ServicesLondon, UK
Fairfield Maxwell LTDDivestiture of MCGSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
FathomSEOAcquired by Promise OneIT ServicesOhio
Firstsource SolutionsAcquired MedAssistHealthcare ITKentucky
Franchise SolutionsAcquired by AdOne, Inc.SaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew Hampshire
GAHCAcquired by International InnovationsIT ServicesFlorida
Gain TechnologyAcquired by SMSCSaaS Enterprise SoftwareArizona
Giant StudiosAcquired by App SolutionsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareGeorgia
GravitantAcquired by IBMSaaS Enterprise SoftwareTexas
HEIT MSPAcquired by Computer Services Inc.IT ServicesColorado
HiddenmindAcquired by InfowaveSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNorth Carolina
ICC Group, LtdAcquired by Service Express Inc. (SEI)IT ServicesBirmingham, UK
ICICI OneSourceAcquired MedPlansHealthcare ITKansas
ICICI Services LimitedAcquired GTL LTDIT ServicesIndia
ICOMAcquired by NetCreationsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Imaging AutomationAcquired by ViisageSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew Hampshire
Incepta Group, PlcAcquired by Huntsworth PLCIT ServicesEngland
Infosys ITAcquired by LodestoneIT ServicesGeorgia
Infowave SoftwareAcquired by Software 2000SaaS Enterprise SoftwareCanada
Interactive Services GroupAcquired by PaychexIT ServicesNew York
IO 360Acquired by Rare Medium GroupIT ServicesNew York
I.T. WorksAcquired MeriplexIT ServicesTexas
Jastec CompanyAcquired LTU TechnologiesSaaS Enterprise SoftwareJapan
Local Vox SoftwareAcquired by VivialSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
JuniperAcquired by SopressaSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Location NetAcquired by Telecom ItaliaSaas Enterprise SoftwareIsrael
MatsSoftAcquired by Netcall PlcSaaS Enterprise SoftwareBedford, UK
Masan GroupAcquired CompOneHealthcare ITTexas
MaxxcomAcquired Accent TechnologiesIT ServicesToronto, Canada
MediaForgeAcquired by Rakuten LinkShareSaaS Enterprise SoftwareUtah
Medical Savings Ins.Acquired by UnitedHealth GroupHealthcare ITIndiana
Medrium HealthcareAcquired by Nightingale InformatixHealthcare ITNew York
Mercury Communications GroupAcquired by 2DialogSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
MessageClickAcquired by Verso TechnologySaaS Enterprise SoftwareGeorgia
Mobile PlanetAcquired by eXpansys GroupSaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
Mosaic Technology Corp.Acquired by ISC Group IT ServicesNew Hampshire
MSGIAcquired by Media MarketplaceIT ServicesNew York
MYOB LimitedAcquired by Bain CapitalSaaS Enterprise SoftwareAustralia
NetCreationsAcquired by SEAT Pagine GialleSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
NetManage, Inc.Acquired by Micro Focus International PlcSaaS EnterpriseCalifornia
NetSolve Inc.Acquired by Cisco Systems Inc.SaaS EnterpriseCalifornia
Nitro SecurityAcquired by McAfeeSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew Hampshire
Olympic SupportAcquired by SMS MaintenanceIT ServicesLondon, UK
Open Hosting Inc.Acquired Cloud PostgreSQLSaaS Enterprise SoftwareSweden
Open Hosting, Inc.Acquired by Series Digital Inc.SaaS Enterprise SoftwareConnecticut
Origina Technology ServicesAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesIreland
Parexel InternationalDivestiture of Barnett InternationalHealthcare ITMassachusetts
Patni Computer SystemsAcquired by IGATEIT ServicesIndia
Pelican SecurityAcquired by MicrosoftSaaS Enterprise SoftwareIsrael
PennWell CorporationAcquires Broadband Tech IT ServicesOklahoma
Prestige Technology SolutionsAcquired by Park Place Technologies IT ServicesUnited Kingdom
PureSight SecurityAcquired by Boston CommunicationsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
QSGIAcquired by SMS MaintenanceIT ServicesNew Jersey
RCS MediaGroup SpADivestiture of Dada.NetIT ServicesItaly
Reiman PublicationsAcquired by Readers DigestIT ServicesNew York
Riverstone TechnologyAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesGeorgia
RippletechAcquired by Nitro SecuritySaaS Enterprise SoftwarePennsylvania
ROER InternationalAcquired by Evernex International SASIT ServicesArgentina
SALAcquired by JMARSaaS Enterprise SoftwareVermont
SatrakAcquired by TrackunitSaaS Enterprise SoftwareBedford, UK
SDV Solutions, Inc.Acquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesVirginia
Secure IQAcquired by Perimeter SecurityIT ServicesVirginia
ServIQ, IncAcquire by Service Express, Inc. (SEI)IT Services Massachusetts
ServGate SecurityAcquired by Cirond Corp.SaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
SIRTH HealthcareRichmond University Medical Center Healthcare ITNew York
SMS MaintenanceAcquired by TH LeeIT ServicesNorth Carolina
SokaritiAcquired by SplunkSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
SopressaAcquired by OlympusatSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Sprint NextelDivestiture of iDEN NetworkSaaS Enterprise SoftwareVirginia
SSCSAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesTexas
StorageZip TechnologiesAcquired by IomegaSaaS Enterprise SoftwareMassachusetts
Sumitomo GroupTYO:8053 – Market Cap: $23.08BSaaS Enterprise SoftwareJapan
SyngenceAcquired by Investment Group, Inc.SaaS Enterprise SoftwareTexas
TandbergAcquired by Cisco SystemsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNorway
Tata Consultancy ServicesAcquisition of CitiGroup ServicesIT ServicesNew York
Telispark GPSAcquired by InfowaveSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNorth Carolina
TopCoderAcquired by AppirioIT ServicesNew York
Trident Computer ResourcesAcquired by Service Express Inc. (SEI)IT ServicesVirginia
Trusted NetworksAcquired by GH Latin AmericaIT ServicesFlorida
Vault Networks Inc.Acquired by VolicoIT ServicesFlorida
VDXAcquired by ATSGIT ServicesNew York
Village eDOCSAcquired Questys SolutionsSaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
Virtual FrontiersAcquired by SenseNetSaaS Enterprise SoftwareNew York
Vocel WirelessAcquired by MotorolaSaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
Waytek SoftwareAcquired by Network SecurityIT ServicesNorth Carolina
Wherify WirelessAcquired by Lightyear NetworksSaaS Enterprise SoftwareCalifornia
XciTel SoftwareAcquired by SyntekSaaS Enterprise SoftwareIsrael
XSi InternationalAcquired by EvernexIT ServicesGeorgia
Xuper, LtdAcquired by Park Place TechnologiesIT ServicesDerby, UK
Zensar Technologies Inc.Acquired by Service Express In. (SEI)IT ServicesMassachusetts