PredictHQ Receives $10,000,000 Series A Funding

Company Information



156 2nd St. San Francisco, CA 94105

PredictHQ is an event intelligence platform that aggregates, cleanses, enriches, and ranks real-world events into one single global source of truth. This helps businesses better understand and take advantage of the impact that events have on demand, without having to do the heavy lifting themselves. Put simply, PredictHQ is a premium data service that empowers you to build smarter products.

Transaction Details

  • Date – 11/7/2018
  • Transaction Type – Venture Equity
  • Transaction Amount – $10,000,000
  • Transaction Round – Series A
  • Acquire / Investor(s) – Aspect Ventures
  • Acquire / Investor(s) – Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Acquire / Investor(s) – Rampersand
  • Acquire / Investor(s) – AddVenture