Managing Partner, Ben Boissevain, speaks at CES: Venture Funding, Investment & Mergers – Leadership in the Entertainment & Technology Space: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile and Games

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Las Vegas, NV – January 9, 2009

The VC and strategic investment community has always led the way in recognizing the newest opportunities in the technology and entertainment space. In this era of economic flux, boom and bust, there are as many interpretations of value, opportunity and investment as there are investors and analysts in the industry. In this session, we bring together a number of the formative players in the Media, Entertainment, Technology finance world who have played a part in the investments, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers over the past few years. At the moment there is more money chasing fewer ready resources, but as the market predictably shakes out, how the relationship between the traditional and new media companies settles will create a fascinating foundation for the next step in growth for our industry. Are we building toward another bubble or are we laying the groundwork for a period of hypergrowth in the convergence space? Media companies are making nine and ten figure bets in this new arms race and what the future holds is anyone’s guess. Here is a link to the conference details – .