2008 Collaborative Communications Summit Health Technology Investment Forum Hosts Agile Equity Pre-conference Healthcare IT Webinar

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New York, NY – September 24, 2008

New York, NY (July 30, 2008) – The Collaborative Communications Summit (CCS), Health Technology Investment Forum, announces an exclusive pre-conference webinar addressing the future of health IT M&A. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th at 2:00pm EST. It will be hosted by Dave Cummings, Managing Partner of Agile Equity.

The session entitled “The Next Wave of Healthcare M&A” will highlight the key considerations when evaluating a strategic transaction. For firms considering a possible divestment or acquisition strategy this highly informative webinar will shed light on current market conditions, competitive landscape, buy/sell side issues and the transaction process. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during this engaging and informative presentation.

“Middle Market Healthcare transactions continue to dominate the industry given the limited large transaction activity from the tight credit markets. Healthcare M&A deals will remain steady through the second half of the year, since strategic acquirers and private equity firms are still willing buyers with plenty of capital to allocate,” said Dave Cummings, Managing Director of Agile Equity. “Foreign buyers will continue to play an increasing role in healthcare transactions, boosted by overall global growth and a weak dollar.”

What: A webinar addressing the “Next Wave of Healthcare IT M&A”

Who: Agile Equity Managing Director, Dave Cummings

When: Wednesday, September, 24th 2008, at 2:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time

How: To register for this free event, please visit: http://www.ccsexpo.com/healthtechforum.html

The Forum’s attendees will include: “ private equity firms, venture capital groups, corporate development teams, institutional investors and CEOs from health care technology companies. The Forum will afford the industry’s leadership a rare opportunity to gather in one place cultivating M&A transactions and strategic partnerships.

Participants include: Agile Equity, Minerva Advisory Group, Welch Allyn, Sensiotec, Access Granted, Leerink Swann & Co, Paquin Healthcare Companies, Goldman Sachs, Equities Magazine, Fierce Markets, HedgeCo.Net, HedgeFundTools.com, HedgeFundEmployment.com, HedgeFundLounge.com, Private Equity Insider, Pharma Company Insight and World Pharmaceutical Markets.

About Agile Equity: Agile Equity is a leading M&A advisory firm established in 1996. Agile serves a wide range of domestic and international clients in healthcare services and medical technology, including revenue cycle management, software, medical imaging and devices. The firm has grown to become one of the nation’s preeminent M&A advisory firms with offices in New York and Washington, DC. www.agileequity.com

About Health Technology Investment Forum: The 2008 CCS Health Technology Investment Forum is a one day conference that will provide an opportunity for investors and healthcare leaders to discover the latest trends and investment opportunities. The Health Technology Investment Forum is designed to bring together leading investors, market leaders, and high growth companies focused on healthcare technology. While other industries have embraced information technology as a cornerstone of their business process healthcare has traditionally remained a laggard. In recent years this trend has reversed and there now exists a myriad of investment opportunities in the healthcare technology sector.