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Agile Equity is a leading investment banking firm with an exclusive focus on M&A and corporate advisory services for companies worldwide.

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Agile Equity is dependable and experienced, with years of proven results.

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M&A Track Record

Founded in 1996, Agile has been operating with the same ownership for over 25 years, through numerous economic cycles and changes with the M&A industry.  Our industry is dynamic and fast-moving so market conditions often change quickly.  We’ve managed this business during the bubble, 911, the 2008 financial crisis, and now a global pandemic.  We understand markets are dynamic, not static, and constant change is to be embraced.



M&A Transactions 

We have a research-driven process and a global client base, which includes access to extensive domestic and international strategic and private equity buyer relationships – creating opportunities for clients that are looking to maximize shareholder value.  We have experience in completing numerous cross-border transactions, often providing a bridge for European companies looking to access the US market including the largest private equity industry in the world.



Total Enterprise Value

We are creating liquidity events for company shareholders with personalized client service, senior banker management of every transaction, and hands-on operational and strategic experience.  We’ve been fortunate to work with numerous entrepreneurs, private equity sponsors, and senior executives at public companies for over twenty-five years.


Client Groups

Closely Held Businesses, Private Equity Firms & Public Company divestitures

We fundamentally believe that specialists outperform other generalists. With our exclusive focus on IT Services and SaaS, we provide our clients the benefit of insightful research, focus, and transaction execution.  This allows our clients to maximize shareholder value, have a high degree of certainty to close, and often faster transaction times, given our domain expertise.

We bring specific industry expertise along with significant private equity perspectives and relationships to every M&A assignment.

Our teams have had the pleasure and honor of working with many talented founders of closely held business throughout many different economic and M&A cycles. We are specialists in working with privately held companies, private equity sponsored companies, and public companies.

Investment Banking

Case Studies

We are corporate finance professionals so we assess, rank and analyze all your options and provide solutions.

Across a variety of sectors Agile Equity has deep expertise allowing us to maximize shareholder value and get measureable results.

Case Studies

About Agile Equity

We are a leading investment banking firm with an exclusive focus on M&A and corporate advisory services.

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Established in New York City in 1996, we provide a wide range of services to companies worldwide. Agile Equity is dependable and experienced, with proven results.

Industries Transactions

Sector Focus

Industry knowledge with global reach

We possess the specialized industry Our investment banking professionals have developed the specialized industry expertise and strong relationships necessary to yield exceptional results.

Our Group provides a breadth and depth of service that assures the most optimal outcome for our clients.

Agile’s Healthcare team provides in-depth knowledge of the complex healthcare sector.

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Many technology companies are like rock stars; they’re born, they grow, they shine, they die. Still, nothing lasts forever, and one attribute of sustainability and success is knowing when your time has come. Contact Agile Equity to find out how we can assist.

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