David Linthicum

Blue Mountain Labs

Background & History

David Linthicum has, most recently, served as the CTO, CEO, and founder of Blue Mountain Labs, a cloud computing development and advisory firm which was sold to Bick Ventures in 2010. He is an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader, a sought after speaker, blogger, and columnist, and the author and coauthor of 13 books on computing. He is also the cloud computing blogger for InfoWorld, and creator of the Cloud Computing Podcast, now about to hit 200 episodes. Dave is frequently quoted in industry publications, and has appeared on TV and radio shows as a technology expert.

Prior to Blue Mountain, Dave served on the Board of Directors at BondMart Technologies, where he provided key technology architecture support and validation of key marketing efforts. Previously, he served as CEO of BRIDGEWERX; CTO of Grand Central Communications; CTO at Mercator Software; and CTO at Saga Software. Before entering the C-Suite, Dave served as a Senior Manager for AT&T. As a proven thought leader and innovative thinker, Dave focuses on emerging technologies including Cloud Computing, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Big Data Systems.

He has delivered over $2 billion dollars in value by transitioning companies from traditional to innovative technology systems, moving them to lucrative exits to the benefit of investors, employees, and customers. He holds a degree from George Mason University.